10K Here I Come!

2 days until my very first 10K race! I’m running at the Colorado Marathon – my dad is an amazing runner and feels the need to show me up by running the full marathon, but I am perfectly content with my 6.4 miles. I’m feeling pretty good about it…but definately nervous. My training has been iffy. I started out in horrible running shape (result of loving weights, honeymooning and eating dessert with the hub every night), but improved suprisingly fast! I am still amazed at what the body can do for you when you train it. I was running an average of 12 miles a week when I hurt my ankle. I still have no idea how I hurt it, but I could barely walk. After 3 days of ice and rest, I was back out. Then I got to that point where I actually ENJOYED running! Imagine that?! I did my longest run at 6.5 miles and felt amazing. I believe that was the first time I have experience a “runner’s high”. Hopefully, I can post about that again sometime. Unfortunately my gymnast joints don’t love running and these last 2 weeks have been tough. Even with shorter runs my knees and ankles feel every step. I’m hoping I got my bad run of the month out of the way (last Saturday was awful) and I can kick some ass this weekend. Sunday morning…I’ve got my race day meal planned and my ipod charged…ready to go!

Food Thought of the Day:
I have found the best meal (for me) for those long runs.

Pefect balance of carbs/fat/protein + deliciousness Gluten Free Pancakes with Peanut Butter, Bananas & Honey Pancakes made from Gluten Free Pantry

I substitute 1/2 cup of natural applesauce for the egg and 1/2 of the oil. You still need some oil to make it work, I use about a tbsp I think. You can use any kind of milk to fit your needs. I use almond milk (cows milk makes my tummy mad). On top of the delicious fluffy pancakes, I spread maranatha organic peanut butter, slice half of a banana and drizzle some honey.

Mmm…I would run a 10K every weekend if I get that treat before hand!!!


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