I did it!

Yesterday I finished my first 10K! I was/am SO excited. I knew I could make the distance but I hadn’t been feeling great so I really worried about being miserable! But NO! The complete opposite! I started strong and happened to find a new friend in the pack of 500 runners. My new “running buddy” was running at my side for the first mile before we started talking. We had the same goals, same training background and best of all THE SAME EXACT PACE! I have never ever found a running buddy that works so perfectly with me. We ran the last 5 miles together and the time flew! I never thought a partner would make a big difference but MAN it did! Unfortunately we live in different towns, otherwise we would for sure be running together all of the time! I felt like I could have done the half marathon with her by my side! It was a great accomplishment, I sprinted through the finish line even though passing out and/or puking sounded better. Haha. It was a great day and it was great sticking around and watching all of the other amazing finishers including my dad! Go Dad!


My “good” knee has been hurting since the race…i’m hoping its just inflamed. Biking feels great on it though so that will be my cardio of choice for the next few days.

I thought after the race I would take a break from running, but after that thrill I don’t really want to stop! I’m already looking for my next race. New running buddy is trying to talk me into a Tri…we’ll see!

By the way, the pre-race pancakes and bananas were delicious! I have no good recipes to share today but I promise they are coming.

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