I let YOGA work!

As I posted last week, apparently I need to schedule my relaxation time. So my goal this week was 1 session of yoga and 1 pilates class. I usually do yoga with one of my video’s at home because my fav teacher at the gym has been out with an injury for the last few months. I’m definately more of a pilates type girl…and hoping to get my certification to start teaching within the year!!! Woohoo! But I enjoy Yoga too – however, I’m pretty high strung (and currently highly caffienated) and don’t like to do nothing for very long. This, initially is what scared me away from yoga, I got bored! But for the first time yesterday, my time spent in final relaxation was ACTUALLY relaxation! I had intermittent bouts of a loud air conditioner, annoying noise from the upstairs apartment, and somehow I was able to zone that out and actually relax! I’ve never felt that way before! So far, 1 check for relaxation this week. Can’t wait for Pilates.


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