Those skinny girls

Has anyone read “Skinny Bitch”??? I had heard of it but never read it, until a relaxing evening at Barnes and Noble when I decided to read half of it off the shelf. I was so intrigued! Now, notice I said I read HALF, so I don’t know the whole story. I am fascinated by any book about health, fitness or diet. I don’t believe it all, but I love to hear what the “pros” are saying, and then forming my own opinions. What I loved about the book was how straight up it is. I wish I could just tell people “if you’re lazy you will get fat”. And the skinny bitches have VERY strong opinions about food. They are both vegan and spend a lot of the book bashing animal products. I’m not vegan, but I’m not against it. I just love meat. And I personally think that animal products have some very substantial nutrition in them. The Skinny Bitches claim that we drink milk as infants to double in size, so why would we drink it when we are trying to be skinny? This is one of the parts I dislike in the book. I feel like they take something that maybe in a small logical way makes sense, and blow it up to be a huge generalization. I would love to hear a vegan’s point of view on this book, to see if their opinions match up.

Anyways, I was excited to find a new book that kept me interested. Because of their straight-forward methods, I definately respect these girls.  I want to read the whole thing so I can make my final opinion.

I have no good food insight today…I had gluten free pizza at 9am.

One thought on “Those skinny girls

  1. Man, am I behind on reading your blog. I think that the Skinny Bitch girls do make big, over-generalized statements to go with their up-front, no BS attitudes. But, if you read something like the China Study or the White Lies Report, you’ll find the research behind their statements.

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