Gluten Free Goodness

For those of you who are gluten intolerant or Celiac, you know the challenges of finding delicious eats. You also know the child’s-first-time-at-Disneyland-like excitement you get when you find them! I had some great discoveries this week. First of all was my new cookbook! I found it on the discount shelf at the bookstore and after seeing the colorful pictures and short ingredient lists, I was sold. For any of you who have looked for gluten free cook books, you know why. Most of them are big books with ingredient lists 20 items long, none of which are in your pantry. I started with the pork chop casserole recipe which turned out to be delicious. Even the gluten-loving hubby enjoyed it (that’s when you know it passes the tastes-good test). I can’t wait to try the asparagus risotto and the flourless chocolate cake!

Also – NEWS FLASH – General Mill’s got smart and started making Chex cereals gluten free! I had always wished they would, because the rice and corn cereals only had one gluten-ous ingredient. The gluten free rice chex have been around for a little while now, and I have fully enjoyed having a new breakfast option (or lunch, dinner or snack). I was able to make Chex mix with peanuts, Glutino pretzels, and soynuts which was an awesome snack. NOW…drumroll…we’ve got more to choose from! Chex has just released their gluten free corn, honey-nut, cinnamon, chocolate and strawberry Chex!! My mouth is watering just at the thought! Think of what we can do with these. Honey-nut snack mixes for a morning munch, chocolate Chex for an evening dessert…whoopie!!! I’ve got the rice and corn chex on my shelf right now and have been completely and utterly enjoying them. I’m itching at the chance to head to Walmart (the only store in town with the other flavors) to get the rest!!

Make fun of my for my over-excitedness for this. Come-on, its just cereal. But for my fellow gluten free pals, you know why I’m so excited. If you have ever tried the gluten free cereals at the health food stores…ugh…you know.  I haven’t actually enjoyed a morning bowl of cereal for 5 years!


Check out the Chex website too…they have tons of fun recipes to try out all of the different flavors! Let me know how they turn out!


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