Sweet Summertime

Ahh…summer has arrived. And with it, the automatic switch to unscheduled days, late summer nights and the complete desire to do nothing. But this isn’t summer break from school anymore. This is life…and I don’t get a break. In the past month I have started a new job, spent a crazy weekend in California, and moved. At the same time, I have been trying to relax, go to the pool, spend some time with my family and friends and otherwise have a “life”. I have forgotten what an evening meal followed by couch-time feels like. Too busy unpacking boxes, organizing the house or most recently…building furniture. Ahh to be a women of many shoes. Speaking of which, I have discovered that I own a few too many pairs.

So, needless to say, the blog has not been the top priority. Unfortunately neither has eating or exercising. I’m trying I really am. I always seem to forget that when the temperatures are high, my appetite is low. Which I suppose is a good thing, but my poor hubby hasn’t had many homecooked meals lately. In this break from my scheduled life, I have somehow forgotten what I used to cook and have been stuck on chicken tacos and cereal for dinner.  I spent a week “replacing” my daily workouts with hundreds of trips up 1 flight of stairs with heavy boxes. But to me it’s not the same.

I am ready to take summer by the hand, to run outside, to bike in the morning breeze, and kick summer in it’s hot face and say “I’m going to stay in the air conditioning and lift”. I would like to even swim some laps this summer. I’m excited for the flexibility of summer. I love cooking outdoors (note to self: need a grill for our new patio) and eating fruit at every meal. I also hope on the next rainy day, I will be able to turn out some new GF goodies from my new (and much larger) kitchen. I will let you know how it goes.

AHH…to be summer and free…


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