Muffin Tasting

I tried the recipe for muffins I mentioned in an earlier post. I’m not going to post the recipe yet because I can’t recommend them with a straight face. To be positive, they were OK. They weren’t a complete failure, but they definately didn’t taste GREAT. The shape was good. They didn’t collapse, and they didn’t taste like grain from a foreign planet (can you tell I’ve had some great GF baking experiments?) BUT, I think the problem was there was too much fat in them. They got kind of greasy and the outside got really hard and almost fried-like. The inside was dry. Plus, it was a recipe for plain muffins, which I’ve never actually seen PLAIN muffins, so I have some ideas for improvment. Use applesauce in place of some of the fat. Put fruit inside (maybe strawberry/rhubarb or blueberries!) to improve flavor and add some moisture. So, I will try again soon. When I get a good batch, I’ll let you know. Do any of you have some favorite GF baked good recipes? Let me know!

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