The feeling of sore…

I think I had forgotten what it felt like. Except for the 2 days after my waterskiing stint. I guess those inner thighs aren’t quite ready for that after 2 years off. But yesterday and I today I was fully reminded what SORE feels like. And I love it. I have kicked myself into gear for the rest of the summer. I have no more excuses. No vacations, no injuries, and plenty of time. So Monday I started out stong with a sweaty cardio session followed by yoga and a bike ride home. Yoga always seems to make me sore (shoulders and hamstrings) if I haven’t done it in a while. So, Tuesday morning I awoke, reminded of my previous days workout. I gave my body and encore and went for a killer 45 minute run. I knew it would be hilly, but I had forgotten HOW hilly. But I dug deep let my mind take over my body to get through the run. Followed by P90X AbRipperX workout, I felt good.


My favorite photographer friend is taking some fitness pictures of my in September, so this is my motivation for sweating harder every day. I’m excited to finally reach the point I’ve been working towards since February!


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