Variety Rocks!

We could all use a little bit of variety in our life…don’t you agree? I know I can, especially when it comes to workouts. If you have been reading my blog for a little while, you will already know that I’m always doing different stuff, from running to hiking to yoga and lifting. I like it all. My most recent discovery??? The PUBLIC LIBRARY! They have a great collection of exercise DVDs that you can check out for a week. Now, most of the good ones are always checked out, but I can just sit at home, search for any and all workout DVDs and place holds on them. There’s no instant gratification, but I always love when I get the email when a new DVD is on the shelf with my name on it. It’s always a surprise and it makes me excited to try something new! At my public library you can only keep DVDs for a week, so this also encourages me to do it a few times in a week to get good use out of it! Checking out workouts from your public library can also be a great way to preview a DVD, before spending $15 on it. If you find something you love and don’t want to return, you can always go out at buy a copy!


Here’s my latest reviews:

POWER YOGA FOR RUNNERS: This isn’t just for runners, although if you are a runner, I would recommend this even higher. This was a 30 min yoga workout that I felt was at a great level. I didn’t over stretch, but I came out feeling like I had a great workout and that I was really working on balancing my body. The filming itself is kind of cheesy, and you get the awesome experience of seeing Thom Birch in tights (ack!), but the workout itself is awesome.




Gaiam Kickbox: Core Cross Train – This is a KICK-ASS workout! I’ve done it twice this week and plan to do it once more before I have to send it off to another eager home exerciser. I LOVED this workout for so many reasons! Kickboxing is not something I would say I am great at, but I really want to be…this workout, led by Patricia Moreno was so well taught and cued that I actually feel more confident already! I was so sore after the first workout that I could barely tie by shoes the next day, but I love that feeling. Everything about the workout is focused on the core, and I could really tell the difference when I focused on making all of my movements come from my core “power-house”. I will probably be buying this one.
I’m headed to the library tomorrow to trade in for a few more DVDs, and so far I’ve had great luck! I will keep you updated on some other FABULOUS picks!
NOTE: I know some other people who subscribe to NetFlix that do this same thing! That will make you want to check your mail every day!!!
Have a great day! 🙂

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