What you don’t know won’t hurt you? Think again!!

I was inspired today by another blog I enjoy reading from Hungry Girl. She was talking about some new fast food “creations” and how awful, awful, awful they are. 2 examples she talked about:

The “Volcano Box” from Taco Bell


This sucker has 1,380 calories, 76g fat, and 133g carbs! In the words of Hungry Girl…”Why does this box need to exist? Does ANYONE need to eat a meal that consists of a double-beef burrito, two tacos, and a pack of Cinnamon Twists?!”


Another fast-food “delight” that Hungry Girl talks about broke my heart. The Wendy’s Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty. This frozen twist on an already delicious dessert has been haunting my dreams since I first saw the commercial. I held back so far, and now that I know what I’m eating, I don’t think I’ll cave unless I’m sharing it with 4 friends. So sad.

The stats: 540 calories, 20g fat, and 83g carbs!



After reading about all of these fat and calorie-laden drive-through meals (read more at Yahoo Food Blogs, I was inspired to look into some of the info I have aquired over the years to give you an even better picture of what fast food can do to you.

~To burn off a McDonalds Quarter Pounder you would have to run for 41 minutes. ~

~Walking at 3mph for 2 hours STILL won’t burn enough calories to equal a medium order of Burger King onion rings~

~Just ONE Pizza Hut Breadstick has 150 calories! That’s a 20 minute bike ride!~

~ Think Subway is always a healthy choice?  A 6″ Tuna Sub has 530 calories~

~ 1 extra crispy chicken breat (delicious though it may be) from KFC will weigh in at 460 calories – a 45 min run!~

(These calorie-burn equivalents are based on a 150lb person)

Now, I don’t frequent any fast food joints, but if you must…here are some tips on picking healthier options:

  • Get the salad dressing on the side and only use a little bit. The dressing can double the calories in an otherwise healthy salad!
  • Always pick grilled not fried meats
  • Go for the fruit sides or yogurt rather than french fries and milk shakes
  • Limit the cheese, mayo, or other sauces

Your best bet is to check out the nutrition facts before you order. Most restaurants will have the info if you ask, or you can find most everything online. Remember, what you don’t know really CAN hurt you, and YOU should be in control of what goes in your body.

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