Take me out to the Ball Game!

I’m a sports fan. I’ll watch pretty much anything, but baseball is not at the top of my list. I do, however, love participating in America’s Pastime once or twice every summer by heading out to the ball-park to watch a game. It just makes summer, summer. The problem with this is (and many other games and events), is I have to bring a purse loaded with snacks because there is nothing for a GF girl to eat at a concession stand. Yes, the nachos may be gluten free, but there is no guarantee that it hasn’t been cross-contaminated, and what really is in that nasty cheese sauce? I’d rather be safe, than sick all night.


But good news has arrived!!! ARAMARK, the official food vendor for many venues has opened baseball’s first GLUTEN FREE CONCESSION STAND! I know, you’re probably looking up this weekend’s baseball schedule right now. The pilot stand is at Coor’s Field (lucky me, I’m a Colorado girl) and includes all of your standard baseball goodies. What’s a hot summer baseball game without a hot dog and beer? Now you can join in because they have BOTH! They also have burgers, chicken sandwiches, chips, other snacks and even cookies and brownies! I’ve already gone to my standard 2 games this summer, but when the Dodgers come back to town (we only go to those games because the Dodgers rule and the Rockies suck…) I might have to buy me some tickets!


You will find me in line for a burger and a beer…


FYI – For those of you as excited as I am, the GF concession stand is in section 147 on the left field concourse. Thanks for thinking of us ARAMARK and the MLB…lets hope to see these kinds of things popping up in ballparks across the nation!


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