Can you “Make the Cut”?

This summer my workout motivation has rocked back and forth between not motivated and kinda motivated. That’s about as good as it’s gotten. I can’t give you a reason…if I knew I probably would have done something about it. Maybe its being busy, maybe its the whole new wife thing, maybe its that I just plain would rather not. Whatever the reason, I have decided to attempt to do something about it by encoring (is that a word?) last August’s workouts. LAST August I was SUPER motivated – So what I took on was Jillian Michael’s Making the Cut workout. Last year at this time, I read the book cover-to-cover (I highly recommend this, there is awesome info and it really preps you for the program) and was totally ready to kick some butt. I spent tons of time tracking my food intake, scheduling my workout, planning my rest days…and it worked. I lost inches everywhere, lost 5lbs in a month and overall felt like superwoman!! I am hoping for that feeling again, but like I said, my motivation level is not high. But I started Monday, doing workouts 3x a week (just couldn’t quite commit to 4x like Jillian’s plan) and I feel ok. I feel tired, but good. It feels good to spend 40 minutes in the gym sweaty and out of breath. And it feels good to work some of those muscles I’ve been too lazy to move in my lifting workouts all summer. I wish I could tackle this program with the same force I had last summer, but for now, I’m going to be proud that I’m doing it, period. It’s a tough program and I’m going to stick with it for the month. Maybe some motivation will come soon. Let’s hope.


I HIGHLY recommend checking this book (Making the Cut) out, its great for those of you who are already relatively fit but want to take it up to the next level. If you have more than 5-10lbs to lose, I would recommend Jillian’s  “Winning By Losing” book. Both books have similar info, but Winning by Losing talks more about lifestyle changes and working towards long term weight loss. If books aren’t your thing, try her “30-Day Shred” workout DVD. It kicks butt! A lot of the workouts incorporate exercises from Making the Cut and you will for-sure get fit fast if you stick with the program. Can you tell I’m a big Jillian Michaels fan? If any of you have tried any of Jillian’s other products (DVD’s, WiiFit, etc…) let me know what you think!!


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