Muffins Revisisted…& MTC Week 2



You all know by now that I’m a food girl. And a few weeks ago I posted about the GF muffin recipe my cousin gave me that good a food girl grade of about a C.  But the world of gluten free muffins has been saved! The one responsible? Unfortunately it was not me, but my favorite GF blogger Karina – the Gluten Free Goddess.  I’m not going to put any of the recipes on here, you can check out her site for yourself, but thanks to her easy and delicious recipes, I have rekindled my love for muffins! My favorite: the blueberry corn muffins have the perfect flour mixture of cornmeal and buckwheat flour to give them a very whole grain texture and give it a little more oomph than your average sugary sweet muffin. And with honey and brown sugar as the sweetener, they are much lower in sugar than other recipes! MMMMM…I have eaten more muffins in the last 2 weeks than I have in years!


Now that I havemade you all hungry for muffins, lets talk about working out. Haha. I have probably officially disgraced Jillian Michaels…I don’t think blueberry or strawberry banana muffins are in the Making the Cut plan.  But hey, a food girl’s gotta stay happy. I haven’t followed the food plan while doing the Making the Cut workouts this month, only because I let it take over my life last time (it really isn’t that time consuming, you could totally swing it, I’m just obsessive) and lets face it, I love food. I HAVE however, been trying to replace my simple carbs with more fruit and veggies and I KNOW I need to eat more protein and I’ve been trying. Just simple meal planning a pre-packing my snacks helps.


The Making the Cuty workouts have been going well.  My motivation level has increased slightly and I feel so good after the workouts. I have been doing them 3x a week, so the program will take me 5 weeks instead of 4, but I’m ok with that. I wanted to allow more time for kickboxing and other favorite workouts.  Like I have said before, I strive for balance and I encourage others to do the same. Everyone has different levels of tolerance and can be balanced in different ways. I’m still learning how to balance working hard and resting my body, eating healthy and depriving…etc, but I’m getting there. Back to the workout though! I did scorpian pushups yesterday and remembered why Making the Cut kicks so much butt. Those things are so tough but so awesome! People in the gym think you’re pretty super cool when you do those. 


Well – enjoy your day today, and if you eat some muffins think of me. Or if you have a kick-ass workout. Either one works!


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