Gluten Free in F-C

For those of you who have Celiac Disease or are gluten intolerant, you will have noticed that in the past few years, the awareness of gluten and gluten free foods has increased a TON! Sure…you I’m sure you still get the occasional she’s-a-crazy-girl-stare when you say you can’t have bread at the restaurant…or the pasta, or you ask what’s in the dressing…etc. And I still (5 years and a lot of explaining later) have friends that think I’m allergic to glucose…that’s sugar guys!!!! HOWEVER, in the past 5 years, the amount of gluten free products in stores, and labeled menu items at restaurant has increased so much, and the flavors are so much better! I’m a very lucky girl to live in the great place called Fort Collins…this city has very healthy influences! We have the foothills to hike in almost year round, great bike and running paths, parks at every corner, health food stores on every side of town and more restaurants than you can eat at in a year. For those of you living in the Northern Colorado area, or if you are visiting anytime soon, here’s my top suggestions for eating gluten free in the Fort.


For a quick treat:

  • Mug’s Coffee Lounge – Old Town Fort Collins – coffee and GF treats
  • Buttercream Cupcakery – Mason and Horsetooth – GF and Vegan cupcakes every Thursday!
  • Starbucks – everywhere- most drinks are GF and Orange Valencia GF cake!


  • Rustic Oven – Old Town or East Harmony – GF pasta and pizza
  • Outback Steakhouse – Harmony Rd – must save room for molten chocolate cake!
  • Biaggi’s – Centerra (off 1-25) – a huge and delicious gluten free italian menu
  • Mancino’s – Drake & Lemay – GF subs and pizzas
  • HuHot Mongolian Grill – Old Town FC – all you can eat – create it yourself mongolian grill!
  • BoneFish Grill – Centerra – a great healthy option with a GF menu
  • Sri Thai – Taft Hill & Elizabeth – yummy Thai food with a GF menu


  • Vitamin Cottage – I think this is the best place in town. Best GF selection with the best prices
  • Sunflower Market – has a big GF section but seems to be more expensive. Good sales though and great bulk selection
  • Sprouts – this is a new one! GF stuff seems to be pricey but go for produce! Very affordable!
  • King Soopers – it’s awesome that this chain grocery store has such a great GF selection. They carried Udi’s baked goods and have lots of other stuff labeled!

I hope this helps anyone looking for some good eats in the Fort Collins area! If you have a favorite spot let me know!


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