Breakfast Love

The past few days I have been nothing but hungry. And no…its not PMS.  It happens every few months at a random time where for about 3 days I’m legitimately starving all day long. It really sucks. I feel crappy about myself, feel like I need to spend more time at the gym, and generally think I’m a fat pig. Luckily, this stage doesn’t last long. This time, I have chosen to only have healthy options in the house, so hungry as I may be, at least I’m eating fruits and veggies and meats instead of cookies and icecream.


In general, even when I’m normal amounts of hungry, I have found that eating small meals throughout the day works best for me. It keeps my blood sugar under control and keeps me going throughout the day. This is a great option for people who are watching what they eat, and maybe go too long between meals and end up devouring thousands of calories at dinner time to make up for it. As I was analyzing my diet last night and trying to figure out how to be not-so-starving all the time, I realized that I think my “main meals” aren’t big enough, and my snacks are too big. I end up eating 250-350 calories every few hours, which can end up being a lot when you wake up at 5am! So I’m experimenting this weekend and next week with eating a bigger, higher protein breakfast and planning a more balanced and complete lunch. Then I can throw in smaller snacks throughout the day (goal = 100-150 calories). I started this morning with a delicious breakfast burrito. I made it the night before and just nuked in on my way out the door this morning. I think the fact that its got a perfect balance of protein/carbs/fat, it will keep me going longer. My latest breakfasts have been too carb-heavy and sugary. They go right through me! Here’s the recipe…it’s delicious and easy gluten free!

Breakfast Burrito To-Go

1 Food for Life Brown Rice Tortilla

1 whole egg + 2 egg whites scrambled

1/8 cup black beans rinsed and drained

1/8 cup of shredded cheese

2 tbsp your favorite salsa

Cayenne pepper to taste

Melt the cheese on the tortilla while you are scrambling the eggs. I added some salt and pepper to my eggs. Fill the middle of the tortilla with eggs, beans and salsa. Wrap it up and you’re ready to roll!!!

Calories: 364

Carbs: 39 grams (42.6%)

Protein: 24 grams (26.25%)

Fat: 13 grams (31.08%) – remember eggs and beans are healthy fats!

Feel free to add in your favorite veggies or experiment with different beans, I just threw in what I had! Enjoy your Friday!


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