Rustic Oven Girls Night!

Last night we had our first Gluten Free Girls “Meet-Up & Eat-Up” at Rustic Oven. I have to say for those of you who are lucky enough to live in the Northern Colorado area, Rustic Oven is definately a TOP restaurant pick. We came in with a table of 6 gluten free girls and our waitress was nothing but helpful. She could answer a lot of our questions immediately, and for a few of the trickier ones she kindly went and asked the manager or chef. They were able to accomdate all of us, even those with dairy, soy and corn allergies. Our table was something out of a dream for many gluten-freers…pizzas, pastas and much more deliciousness. I wish I had remembered to pull out my camera and capture the great food and smiles it brought to our faces!


It was a great opportunity to meet other girls in the area who eat like me, and it was great that we could all provide tons of encouragement and ideas for 2 newly diagnosed Celiacs.  I think there is a lot of fun in the future of our group and so many chances to learn about new things! (I can’t wait to try one of the girls’ mom’s “AMAZING” strawberry rhubarb pie!). Groups like this are easy to start and I encourage you to find one, join one, or start one in your area if you can’t make it to ours!


Side Note – It’s a good thing not many people were sitting around us. Most people would be pretty disturbed by going out to a nice dinner and having to listen to 6 girls talk about their PRE gluten free diet symptoms. Only Celiacs talk about bloating, BM’s and puking at dinner!!! HAHA!


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