The Anti-Gym Workout

Because of my recent job change, I (for the first time since I was 16) will not have a free gym membership (GASP!).  I honestly don’t quite know what to do. It is difficult to bring myself to pay $60 a month to workout, yet I love the gym and want one of them that’s GOT IT ALL. You know the ones: the pool, track, hot tub, a zillion group-x classes…I want one of those. However, I’m going to try to save a few pennies and avoid being a member at a gym through the rest of 2009. We will see how it goes, and I will let myself join somewhere in January most likely. Being a personal trainer and having a pretty solid background in exercise, I KNOW I can find ways to burn calories and get my exercise without a gym. But as you all know, it’s not easy.  I feel like non-gym workouts take double the motivation and extra planning time to make them effective. I will probably do some free trial membeships throughout the next 3 months to get a feel for the gyms, and to break up the home-workout blahs…but I have several ideas for making my anti-gym workouts work.



  • Continue experimenting with library workout DVD’s and use them more regularly
  • Take advantage of the fact that I live in Colorado and run and bike weekly
  • Go for morning or evening walks to add that little extra to my daily calorie burn
  • USE THE EQUIPMENT I HAVE! I want to put together a circuit in my workout room with all of the fun stuff I’ve accumulated over the years, blast the Britney Spears and get my sweat on!


Week 1 Circuit Plan

1. Jumping Jacks

2. Pushups with Feet on Ball

3. Ball Crunches

4. Bosu Plyo-Hops

5. Oblique crunches on the Bosu

6. Lunges with bicep curls

7. Bosu squats with shoulder press

8. Body Bar Tricep Extensions

9. Mountain Climbers

10. Bent Over Rows

Do either 45 seconds or 15 reps of each exercise. Repeat 3x through.

I will try to keep this updated with how the anti-gym workout is going.  I don’t know many people I have told and convinced that it’s easy to workout at home on the cheap, but now that I’m going to do it I know it will be a great challenge! Hopefully I will be able to get really creative and have lots of fun ideas to share! If you have any great anti-gym workouts that YOU love…let me know!


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