Feelin’ Good…

I’m back. Not that I’ve been gone too long, but I was dealing with the flu + new job last week so needless to say, working out wasn’t the top priority. Throughout last week I realized that the body is an incredible thing — and mine at least completely retaliates when it needs a rest. apparently I don’t do well at doing that on my own. I had been dealing with super low energy for the past month almost, and I felt like I just couldn’t snap out of it. Flu symptoms hit Monday and increased all week while I continued to work 2 jobs and attempt the gym every day. Finally on Saturday, I gave in and spent the entire weekend doing nothing. I allowed myself a walk a day which completely exhausted me. Other than that it was soup and tea and couch. And GUESS WHAT?! I woke up Monday morning feeling like a new person! I have more energy than I have had in weeks and feel great. I guess I just needed a weekend of rest. So awesome how the body heals itself.


I probably pushed the limit today, but I felt so good and the sunny fall day was so tempting that I had to head out on a long run. I followed that with my week 1 circuit. I’m pooped now, but more because my body hadn’t worked that hard in a while. I’m trying to do a better job of listening to my body and I don’t want to push my luck today. So that’s why I spent an hour reading and now am enjoying a warm drink while blogging. The circuit 1 was great, I actually really liked working out at home and think I can get pretty creative with these circuits! I will get a new one posted soon I hope.



Random Fact of the Day:

Did you know…that 75% of kids get less than 20 minutes of vigorous physical activity every day? We need to get these kiddos active! Take your kids or your siblings or your neighbors out for a bike ride go play some kickball! Let’s get out there and sweat!

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