Gluten Free for Me (and you too!)

Last night was one of the few nights that my husband has made it home in time for dinner lately, so I decided to actually make a good meal!!! I decided on Italian – which typically means making 2 pots of noodles and separate garlic bread for each of us. I decided that it was just not necessary to make practically 2 separate meals for only 2 people, and the my hubby can learn to eat G-Free too!


 I know that all you gluten-freer’s out there do things different. Some have a completely gluten free household, some make separate meals for themselves, and everywhere in-between. Now, I’m not going to go as far as making my hubby eat brown rice bread and cream of buckwheat for breakfast, but I would like to transition into more completely G-Free dinners, so last night was our experiment. I made Glutino fusilli pasta topped with gluten free chicken sausage, zucchini, peppers and a creamy tomato sauce. A sprinkle of parmesan cheese and it felt like we were at an Italian restaurant. I finished off the meal with Chebe garlic breadsticks and a glass of wine.




Now, the true judge of the quality of GF food is someone who typically eats gluten. My taste buds/memory have IMG_5017changed so much that I can’t tell you if it tastes normal or not. I just have a good and a bad switch. Well, the breadsticks were a complete hit and the pasta was a close second. He said he could tell that the pasta was different, but that it didn’t taste bad. Hey, he ate enough to be completely stuffed, so it couldn’t have been too bad!! We barely had enough room in our bellies to enjoy the Ciao Bella raspberry sorbetto that I had picked up as a special treat!


So, for all of you out there dealing with a split household in regards to diet restrictions, relax. There are easy ways to make all sides happy, and there are some great products out there that you can introduce that might make gluten-free taste a little more appealing to your loved ones. If all else fails, just say…”If you really love me you will eat this. It’s not that bad and I have to eat it every day. Pleeeeease….” Maybe that will work .


2 thoughts on “Gluten Free for Me (and you too!)

  1. ha ha good tips. I will try the “if you love me” when he gets back… I’m sooo nervous about cooking because I have no intention of cooking two seperate meals for dinner; I hope it goes well. This sounds like a tasty dinner!

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