Wow – It’s really working!

I have been at my new job for almost 6 weeks now (man how time flies!) which means I have NOT worked at the gym for almost 6 weeks. Although I have been able to use my old gym 1-2x a week (thanks Lifestyle Centre girls!) I have basically gotten my workouts done at home. I wasn’t sure how it would go, but I’m proud to say that the workouts are going great!! I have worked out an awesome schedule that works perfectly in MY LIFE.


I do cardio on Mondays with Abs (either running or at the gym). Tuesdays during the Biggest Loser I do a 1 hr strength/cardio circuit in my living room. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this, and trying to get really creative – using workouts from health and fitness magazines that I accumulate. I work up a sweat and the motivation from watching those guys on tv helps a ton! I used to eat icecream while I watched the Biggest Loser! Ha! Wednesday is my COMPLETELY off day. Thursdays I do another weight circuit +30-40 min of cardio. Again, some weeks I have done this at the gym, some at home. Fridays is long cardio day, and I have been trying to get out with my dad on our tandem for rides. Then, for the weekends, depending on my schedule (ahem, excuse me, the CSU Football Schedule) I spend one of the days doing strength and either yoga or pilates. The other day is a rest day, with usually just a walk or something.


I feel really good about this schedule, and I feel that it is something I can maintain. That’s the most important part about YOUR PERSONAL workouts, is figuring what works FOR YOU. My plan might not work for you. And it can take a lot of trial and error to figure out what DOES work! But keep trying, because when you get into a routine that works for YOU, there’s NO STOPPING YOU!!


Tonight’s “Biggest Loser” Circuit Plan

(I’m even having a friend join me tonight! Woohoo!)

1. Jumping Jacks

2. Lat Pulls with a theraband

3. Bicep Curls with Ball Squats

4. Jumping Lunges

5. Alt. Chest Press & Chest Fly on Ball

6. Bosu oblique crunches

7. Straddle Squats with Shoulder Press

8. Bosu single leg balance with lateral leg raise

9. Jump Rope

10. Reverse Dumbell Rows

Do 45 seconds or 15 reps of each exercise. Repeat CIRCUIT 3x.

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