The end of a Decade…

Man, that is weird to say, that it is the end of a decade. It makes me feel old or something. Well…it’s been quite a year. I can’t believe everthing that I have done this year, from getting married, going on several vacations, getting a new/real job, starting a successful gluten free girls group, meeting some great new friends, and even – EVEN reaching some of my resolutions!!!! The number 1 goal I reached this year had nothing to do with food or fitness, but in my quest for balance I think it is notable. I grew up with a passion for reading but pretty much since high school, it had diminished into reading magazines and textbooks only. So my goal was to read 12 books in 2009. Not only did I reach my goal, I surpassed it and as of 2 nights ago, I have read 20 books this year. It was a great feeling accomplishing a goal, and I read so many great books, on a big variety of topics. I even read a few on food and fitness! This re-discovered love for reading is something that I know I will keep in the years to come.

 I also finally met my goal of losing the 7lbs I gained in my first few months after my wedding. It was harder than I thought, but with the start of fewer, more regular meals and snacks and more intense exercise…I did it!

I feel like this day (New Years Eve) for a lot of people is depressing. They are thinking about the 10 lbs they DIDN’T lose this year, the unhealthy habits they DIDN’T change this year, and are making new lofty resolutions for 2010. I feel a little bit different. I am 100% pleased with my successes this year. I have had fun, worked hard, and feel (on some days, at least) a little more balanced. I am excited to set goals for 2010. Not crazy things that I will never reach, but just a few simple things to keep me on track.

 One of the things I am going to try to do is consciously reduce my sugar intake on at least 1 thing a day. I’m a sugar freak and I think my body will thank me if I can reduce it even just a little bit. The goal I am most excited about working towards (and completing!) is doing my first triathlon. Last year I trained for and completed my first 10k, and it was so rewarding to reach that accomplishment. So 2010 is the year of the TRI, and I’m already itching to start training for it.

Another great outcome from this past year is rediscovering baking, but this time gluten free. Since starting a gluten free diet in 2005, I rarely baked, always being frusterated with long and complicated recipes. This year though, I have found some great recipes and had the chance to try baking a lot of new and fun things!!! Thanks to my new gluten free girls group, I always have inspiration to try and share something new. Related to this though, is my plan for 2010. I want to work with my favorite recipes as well as new ones to create more nutrient dense baked goods. So many people think that gluten free means healthy, and it doesn’t. My double chocolate cookies are just as unhealthy as the next one, but ecause I love baking so much, I don’t want to give it up – just in an effort to eat healthy. So I am on a mission to find healthier recipes as well as convert not-so-healthy ones into foods my body will thank me for.

Thank you all for reading my blog this year, I hope each and everyone of you are  blessed in this New Year. Always remember that you can be fabulous this year, just decide to do it!


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