Sandwich Petals are for ME!

I recently JUMPED at another chance to review a new Colorado gluten free product. My friend Dee Valdez introduced me to Sandwich Petals – and a week or so ago sent me some samples! I must say, when I came home after a long day at work and the gym, I was STOKED to see the box of sandwich petals sitting on my doorstep. I had already been scheming on ideas on how I wanted to try these babies out. But first …I absolutely had to just rip the bag open and tear off a tasty piece because I was too hungry to think about anything else. I must say, I enhaled the first piece too fast to have much of an opinion, except that it silenced my growling tummy long enough for me to make a sensible dinner. So – points scored for that. Before I tried anything too spectacular with the Sandwich Petals, I decided to learn a little bit about them. One of the things that I am very impressed with is that it is made from a combination of 10 gluten free grains. Any gluten free girl knows that combining GF grains is the best way to do it, but these guys picked the best of the best nutritionally and have found a great combination to work. I also really like that there is Omega 3’s from flaxseed as well as some added fiber. Who doesn’t need a little added fiber to their diet? The makers of Sandwich Petals (Raquelitas Tortillas) also were very considerate of people with other food sensitivities. These tortilla/flat-bread like “petals” are free of dairy, egg, peanuts and tree nuts, shellfish, soy and wheat. That makes just about everyone I know happy! Finally, at only 90 calories per serving, this is a safe bet to bring for lunch or to stuff for any meal.

So – on to the experiment. These petals sure looked promising, but would they perform? I received 3 different flavors to sample: Spinach Garlic Pesto, Chimayo Red Chile and Agave Grain.

My first test was an easy one. I needed a snack that wasn’t too much, but would hold me over for a while. I spread about a tablespoon of natural peanut butter on the Agave Grain variety, and threw it in my toaster oven for about 30 seconds. It came out heavenly! The agave sweetener helps maintain your blood sugar levels better than honey, but it really did give off that same flavor of honey! I’m one who loves peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and with this sandwich petal, I didn’t even have to worry about the added sugar of putting honey on top, because it had such a sweet natural flavor itself! The light toasting was good too, I think that sandwich petals cold aren’t quite as good as warmed.

The next day, I was looking for a way to bring my leftover Asian pulled pork to work. I though it might taste good as a wrap! I used the Chimayo Red Chile wrap and I have to say I was very happy at lunch time that day. The flavors are so delicious and the chile was a great kick to add to my pork filling. I do think I microwaved the wrap a little too long or high, because it ended up getting kind of chewy. I will have to perfect this.

Finally, my Spinach Garlic Pesto experiment. Yesterday, I was trying a new soup recipe for Lentil Brown Rice Soup and pulled out some fresh basil to put in. Instantly, the smell took over me and all I could think of was CAPRESE!!! Now, I had just been to the store and wasn’t about to go back, but I was missing fresh tomatoes AND fresh mozzarella. So caprese was out of the question, but I invented the next best thing. I took a Spinach Garlic Pesto Sandwich Petal, covered it in shredded mozzarella, and topped it with fresh basil leaves and diced tomatoes. 30 seconds in the broiler and I had a delicious snack! It got all of the flavors of caprese with just a little change in ingredients.

Since the first run through, I have used sandwich petals for breakfast burritos, sandwich wraps and more. I think it would be especially tasty to try make garlic cheese bread on the spinach pesto. That might be next! Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of these Sandwich Petals. They are so versatile and every flavor really does taste delicious! For people like me that have been gluten free for a while, you know that corn tortillas get old really fast and aren’t capable of making wraps or anything too exciting. I have experimented with brown rice tortillas which are a great alternative to breads for sandwiches and wraps, but they are very bland. Sandwich Petals have it all. Great texture, taste and so far – have completely reached and surpassed my expectations. I also love that they have a shelf life of 30 days at room temp! No finding room in my freezer or fridge! I can’t wait to share these with all of my friends, gluten free and gluten eaters alike. If you’re interested in purchasing Sandwich Petals, you can order them directly from their website:  I would love to hear your thoughts and recipe ideas!

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