The Mouse Pad – Fun New Discovery!

Today I finally got a chance to check out “The Mouse Pad” in Johnstown, CO. I had randomly come across it online some time ago – but hadn’t had a chance to head out to Johnstown. Today I had the chance to run an errand for work down there and I jumped at the chance! I had seen online that this coffee shop / internet cafe offered gluten free and other allergen free foods, so I was curious to see what it was all about!

I pulled up to a cute little house on the main street of the small Northern CO town. I stepped into a great little shop! There is a bunch of great seating, free WiFi, and several freezers and shelfs of gluten free food for sale. I met the owner of the shop and got to learn all about their gluten free/allergen free food. At this shop, she has a dedicated gluten free kitchen where she creates delicious baked goods of all kinds. There were several choices of muffins, cookies and other pastries…and I even got to sample a freshly baked butter cookie that was DIVINE! Another unique item on the menu was her homemade GF “waffle bread” made from a sourdough started and baked on a waffle iron. Unfortunatly they were out today, but I can’t wait to go back and try a sandwich on it! Today I had a bagel sandwich on a Kinnikinik bagel with chicken, lettuce, peppers and Annie’s dressing. It was delicious! Many of the items for sandwiches, meals and snacks are also dairy free, soy free and corn free. The entire shop is nut free which can make many of you breathe easy. She even offers a dairy free, soy free, vegan cheese that ACTUALLY melts! I don’t remember the brand, but apparantly The Mouse Pad is the only place in CO that carries it! I sampled the cheese on a small piece of tortilla and was quite impressed! I myself can handle “normal” cheese, but I think that this would be a great option for people with those allergies or who follow the vegan lifestyle.

The coffee was another interesting aspect of the shop. They make lattes with 3 kinds of milk. The owner refers to the choices as “Animal, Plant or Mineral”, or Cow’s, Soy, or Potato. She gave a sample of the potato milk and it was really interesting. It supposedly is a great alternative milk for coffee if you can’t have dairy or soy. I know for myself that I have tried rice milk in my coffee and it is far from delicious. I didn’t try to the potato milk in my drink today, but I would be curious to sometime.

Finally – I am in love with the prices! I had a very filling bagel sandwich and a small mocha latte for UNDER $6! You can’t get a gluten free lunch (heck, you can barely get coffee) for that price!!

If you find yourself in the Northern half of Colorado, I highly recommend checking out the Mouse Pad. I was very pleasantly surprised, and I am sure you will be too. It’s even a good place to pick up some gluten free products like dressings, noodles and crackers! She has lots of items for sale in the shop.

For more info about the Mouse Pad and to get directions, check out their website at They even sell some of their delicious homemade products online for those of you who live further away. Check it out!

I’m excited for my next trip out to Johnstown!!


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