A Week of Fitness = A Day of Food

Who says you can’t be fit and love food?!? I’m living proof. I finally got back into my fitness groove after finally kicking an awful cold/flu-bug. I caved an joined a gym, after I have realized that it is my sanity sanctuary. Although I now know that I am fully capable of getting great workouts at home – I just belong in a gym. I had a great week (6 days in a row, actually!) at the gym, my highlights include a good long swim, and trying 2 new classes. I tried WillPower & Grace and BodyFlow and absolutely loved them both. They will be great additions to my workouts from here on out.

So, after a very productive week at the gym, I took a delicious day off this snowy Saturday. I enjoyed a yummy lunch at Sri Thai with my Gluten Free Girls (our Meet Up & Eat Up group met here for our February get-together). I ordered a chicken dish with peppers, carrots, onions and cashews. I liked the dish well enough, but I would have liked a little more distinct Thai flavor. I have to give the restaurant props however – every single entrée is naturally gluten free. What a relief for those of us who are so accustomed to a gluten free menu of grilled chicken salads. It was great to be handed a real menu and to know that I could pick out WHATEVER I wanted! All of the girls loved what they picked out, as well as the coconut soup we got while we waited.

This evening I FINALLY got to see the movie I have been waiting so long for…Julie & Julia! I read the book when the movie first came out and fell in LOVE, and have not had the chance to see it until now! My hubby succumbed to the pressure and rented it for our Saturday night date. I absolutely loved the movie – the book was better, but what book based movie ever beats the book? The one word I can use to say how I felt while watching this movie was: INSPIRED.  I don’t know if that movie had this effect on anyone else, but all I wanted to do was cook! We stopped the movie ½ way through to make eggs for dinner (no Julia Child, but I did use butter), and as soon as it was finished I just had to bake. I pulled out my new favorite cookbook (more on this later) and picked out the Chocolate Chip Cookies. This was a new cookie recipe for me, so of course I was skeptical. The skepticism was short-lived however, when I took a big lick of the cookie dough. This was THE BEST gluten free cookie dough I have EVER tasted! One of my favorite memories from childhood has been returned to me!! While in the oven, the cookies never ceased to amaze me. They actually looked good!! I could barely keep in my excitement.

I believe that the cookies are just enough cooled to try….

Oh my gosh! Heavenly! My hubby’s quote “Pretty damn good girl!” – and that means a lot from the cookie connoisseur of America. These cookies had the perfect texture! Crispy on the outside, chewy and chocolaty on the inside. Perfect for dunking in a cold glass of milk.

Well, I must go enjoy this cookie while it’s still warm.  More on the cookbook from heaven in the next post.

Until then, as Julie and Julia would say… “Bon Appetit!”


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