Tri Training – I’m off and running!

Today I completed day 2 of my 11 week triathlon training program – and I’m feeling great! I spent the weekend perusing some different training programs online and ended up picking the 2x balanced program from I felt like this met me the most at where I’m starting at and was doable with my schedule. I am adding in some strength training sessions and yoga/body flow on my own. I’m doing this because last year when I was training for my first 10K, I ended up backing way off of lifting (my favorite workout) and lost a lot of strength and muscle tone, despite my increase in cardio. So this time I am not going to let that happen. So far, I completed a bike and a swim both inside at my gym yesterday and this evening I did my first run. It’s an awesome feeling when you have a goal to reach – it makes each workout feel so much more meaningful and successful. My run was short today but it was the best run I have had in months. I will keep you posted on how my training progresses.

I have also started working on my diet again. I feel like I am always saying this and it’s true…I’m always revamping my eating habits to fit my current needs. Lately dairy hasn’t been sitting well with me so that’s out for now. I have also really been focusing on increasing my protein intake. Back when I was doing Jillian Michael’s “Making the Cut” program, I significantly increased my protein and saw huge progress. When I eat more protein my appetite is lower throughout the day, I have tons of energy and I feel like I get toned much more easily. So I am focusing on really getting a big chunk of protein at each meal, and making my snacks all fruits and veggies to reduce my icky sugary carb habit. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love baking and I love dessert way too much to cut it out cold turkey, but I am definately limiting it to special treats. I have been reading the Paleo Diet book and it is really interesting. I am not following the Paleo diet by any means (like I said – i HEART baking) but the concept really fits my goals. I’m already gluten free, currently mostly dairy free and am increasing my protein. I feel like with all of these things combined, I will be feeling great – I already am!


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