Nothin’ like a good bike ride…

…to help you forget a stressful day. Who knew that just 4 miles south of my suburban Fort Collins apartment there were lakes, giant trees, cows and farms?? I discovered this tonight as I took a much needed road ride after a particularly stressful day of work. I headed out south and the next thing I knew, it smelled like a manure pit and I felt like I had appeared in a completely different time and place. What a relief. As I rode down a county road that had ZERO shoulder (but it didn’t matter because I didn’t see a single car), my mind cleared and my body felt refreshed. The sun was setting over the gorgeous foothills to the Rocky Mountains, to my left was a shimmering lake with kayaks beached on its bank, and to my right were some cows and chickens placed next to a beautiful farmhouse. I could have rode for miles. What a blessing that I live in such a beautiful place.

 Thank you bike – for taking me new places. Happy Riding friends!

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