Countdown to Tri

My first triathlon is 2 weeks from tomorrow! I’m getting super excited about it, and have spent the last few days tweaking my training program and menu plan. Unfortunately I came down with a nasty cold this past week, so my training definately got thrown off. So I’m making sure to do some tri-specific brick workouts in the next few weeks while tapering…just to make sure I’m super ready. I also want to make sure that I’m on track nutritionally, as I have been having a lot of fun eating and drinking at lots of fun events and restaurants lately. I want to be in tip-top condition!!! I put together a menu for the next few weeks that has a lot of lean protein and high quality carbs + tons of fruits and veggies. I’m staying almost completely away from nuts, oats and dairy – as these can play games with my stomach sometimes. I don’t want to take any risks. I like having a menu planned and written it out…it takes away pressure time and thinking about food, and saves tons of money on groceries! I only buy what I need for my menu meals, and I waste much less fun! Another plus is I don’t buy junk that’s not in my plan, so it’s not in my house to consume!

I can’t wait for the race when these months and weeks of training will finally pay off!! Any last minute nutrition, training or race advice? Let me know!


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