Gluten Free Baseball Fun!

Last summer I posted about Coor’s Field having gluten free options. I had only heard about it, but now I can blog from experience. A few weeks ago we headed down to Coor’s Field to watch our beloved Dodgers kick some Rockies butt. During the 5th inning I ventured out to find the gluten free snack shack. “Did it really exist?” “Is there really everything they say there is” is what I was thinking as we headed to section 147 out in the left field concourse. Sure enough, there it was – a little stand with a BIG Gluten Free sign. Woohoo!!! Here’s a picture of the menu:

It’s kind of hard to see in this picture, but they had hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, potato chips, brownies, cookies, and beer! I had a beer and brownie. I’m not a big beer fan, but hey – it was a baseball game and I’ve NEVER had a beer at a game – EVER! So that was pretty exciting! And the brownie was so delicious and I think my hubby ate more than me!! It’s definately worth checking out this stand anytime you’re at a Rockie’s game – hopefully we can give them enough business to stay!!!

My first Baseball Game Beer! Baseball just isn’t baseball without a beer!!


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