Check out Udi’s & Bella Gluten Free!

Last week our local CSA chapter held it’s annual Gluten Free Potluck Picnic. This is always a fun event, not only because there is an entire tent of food you can actually eat (as long as you don’t have millions of other sensitivities like me) but because they always get some great vendors to share their products. This year we hosted Heather from Udi’s and Mary from Bella Gluten Free.

Udi’s sampled their new Double Chocolate Muffins (not my favorite – kind of bland – but decent I supposed) as well as their bagels. I love Udi’s bagels and highly recommend them. If only they didn’t contain eggs and yeast I could actually still eat them! Udi’s has a lot of great products for sale online and in stores – I especially love their Lemon Streusel Muffins and Pizza Crust! Check them out @


I was really excited to meet Mary Capone of Bella Gluten Free. She is a Celiac herself and teaches gluten free cooking classes in the Boulder/Longmont area. She is Italian, and I would love to try some of her Italian Gluten Free creations. She recently started her own line of gluten free baking mixes, and had baked goods from each one for us to sample. She made focaccia bread from the “Pizza Dough, Rolls & Focaccia Mix”. The focaccia was divine. Not as dense as most gluten free bread products and had a great flavor. I would love to have this with soup and salad, and would definately try using the mix for pizza crust as well. She also brought loafs of bread from the “Multi-Grain Sandwich Bread Mix” and hte “Cinnamon Raisin Bread Mix”. Because these mixes contained a few ingredients that I’m not allowed, I only sampled  a small bite. However, the sandwich bread had a great flavor and texture and would not have to be toasted for  a sandwich! Finally, Mary demonstrated a few things that could be made with her “All Purpose Baking Mix” – truly all-purpose. She made these small pastries filled with pure raspberry preserves that reminded me of “Kartwheels” a recipe I used to make as a kid. Very flaky and delicious! She also brough an electric griddle and made FRESH CREPES! What a treat! Check out Mary’s website @ to order her mixes, read her blog and try some of her recipes.


2 thoughts on “Check out Udi’s & Bella Gluten Free!

  1. Hi Alyssa-thanks for having us at your CSA chapter event. I’m sorry the chocolate muffins were too bland for your liking. Were you able to heat them up? They are great with a little heating and nice cold GF ice cream on the side! I was wondering if you would be willing to add a link to our Web site in addition to the link you have to Bella Gluten Free. We would really appreciate it, thank you!

    Social Media Coordinator w/ Udi’s Gluten Free Food

    • Jillian – I’m so glad you guys could be there! No – the muffins were not warm, but I think if they were warmed up with icecream I would love them! Icecream makes me love anything!! I will of course add your website link – I got carried away and forgot. I don’t want to leave you guys out, you have a fabulous company and I am so excited about what you are doing in the gluten free market! Kudos!

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