Breaking Up with Food

I just read something in People magazine (great poolside reading by the way) that really made me think! Jennifer Love Hewitt was being interviewed about losing weight and getting healthy and the one food she says she never eats is donuts. She says she loves them but she “broke up with them”. I love this! I think its a great way to look at food that you shouldn’t or can’t eat anymore. Whether its for weight loss or for health reasons, “breaking up” with food can help you deal. Just like in a relatonship, there is a mourning period where you may even give you ex a call late one night (midnight munchies temptations anyone?) But eventually you move on. You find other new favorite foods and people to date. In my case, some of the foods I have “dumped” may even come back into my life when its right for my body. So next time you’re missing your favorite food – play some music, get up and dance, and get over it!!!


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