The Incredible Edible Food Fair Report

Tables and tables of food. That we can actually eat? It sounds like a dream. Well, this past weekend I got to live that dream at the “Incredible Edible Gluten Free Food Fair” in Denver, CO. It was hosted by the Denver CSA Chapter and was absolutely phenomenal.

This was my first year attending, but I have heard from others that it has grown tremendously over the past few years. This year, it was held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds and was HUGE! I was shocked at the size and the number of people there. I heard from one of the vendors that over 1000 people came through in the first HOUR! When we showed up, you could barely move from table to table, with everyone so excited about trying samples and learning about gluten free companies. Most of the vendors there were based out of Colorado (which is truly amazing) and there were a few national companies represented as well.

After about an hour of talking to bakers and marketers, taking information, and trying delicious samples, I was STUFFED! I can’t believe how much food was there to try! A few of my favorites included the celebration cake from Rheinlander’s Bakery, the grilled cheese from Rudi’s Organics, the sandwich bread from Bliss Baking Company and the garden vegetable pizza from Bella Gluten Free. These are just to name a few of the great companies represented at the fair. I got to try frozen gluten free meals, baby cereal, and of course, tons and tons of cookies and brownies. Yum. Not only were there a ton of local bakeries at the food fair, but I was also very impressed that King Soopers had such a great presence. They had samples of their gluten free deli meat (all Premium Select varieties) as well as a display with many of the gluten free product lines that they carry. It’s encouraging to see a mainstream grocery store take such a stand in offering and labeling gluten free products. I hope some of you had a chance to check out this great event, and I definitely encourage anyone who is interested to attend next year. My goal is to start working on a similar event for Northern Colorado!!

For anyone interested in checking out some of the companies I learned about at the fair, here are some links to their websites. This list is not all inclusive by any means. There were so many companies at the fair that there was no way that I could reach them all. I do not endorse any specific company, this is merely a resource. If your company is not on my list and you would like to be added, please comment. Also, if you attended the fair and had a favorite – please share!!

The Last Crumb Bakery, Littleton, CO

Diamond Baking Co. Boulder, CO

Bliss Baking Company Denver, CO

Montana Gluten Free Belgrade, MT

Outrageous Baking Boulder, CO

Funky Monkey Snacks, Fishers, IN

Sandwich Petals Denver, CO

Woody’s Wood Fired Tavern Arvada, Denver and Fort Collins, CO

Bella Gluten Free Niwot, CO

Udi’s Gluten Free Denver, CO

Chipotle Nationwide

Rheinlander Bakery Arvada, CO

Rudi’s Organics Boulder, CO


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