Food Girl’s Fit Life – Weekend in the City

I’ve been dying to get on here and blog lately – I’ve had so many different things to share! I have had some extremely successful baking trials and with every successful treat that comes out of my oven, it makes me just want to bake more! This past weekend I whipped up lemon-raspberry-poppyseed muffins, sweet oats and blueberry muffins and my first shot at biscotti!!! I have to admit the biscotti turned out deliciously and seems like such a delicacy! What I treat! I have also started training with my husband for our first HALF MARATHON! Running a half marathon was one of my new years resolutions so I’m so excited to be cruising towards that goal this spring – and it’s great to have a live-in training partner!

The COOLEST thing I wanted to blog about was about my recent/AMAZING trip to San Francisco. I spent a weekend with one of my best girlfriends in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! I was so lucky to be there for some rare February weather – it was 65-75 the whole time! The sun was shining and I barely saw any of their famous fog! I walked miles and miles through my self-guided city tour, spent time by the water, hiked through the Golden Gate Recreation Area, shopped at the biggest and oldest farmer’s market in the city and had an all-in-all FANTASTIC time.  I even got to go an a gorgeous early morning run through McLaren Park. It was so refreshing to run through thick green trees, surrounded by locals playing tennis, doing Tai Chi and even dancing to Italian music in the parking lot! What a great way to start a vacation day!

Eating gluten free on the road wasn’t too difficult, although I was always had some kind of homemade goody in my purse. The airport screeners must think I’m crazy, but I definitely sent my carry-on bag through security with a gallon-sized ziploc full of muffins and breakfast cookies! Hey! A food girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do! I had some great food in the city though too – we found some great Thai and Mexican restaurants, and even got to cook one night with our Trader Joe’s purchases! PS – I love Trader Joes! Of course I consumed my fair share of coffee as well – you can’t go to San Francisco and not drink excessive amounts of coffee.

My most exciting gluten free find in the city was Kara’s Cupcakes. I stumbled upon their cute little shop while I was basking in the sun in Ghirardelli Square. My first instinct was that it was a super cute shop – too bad I can’t go in! But my curiosity got the best of me and I stepped in and asked the golden question: “Do you guys have anything gluten free?” Much to my surprise – they promptly told me that they had both chocolate and vanilla available in gluten free that day! Woohoo! I ordered a “Sweet Vanilla” and enjoyed every creamy bite! Yum! I highly recommend Kara’s Cupcakes, and if their GF version says anything about the rest of their cupcakes – I recommend every single one! Check them out at

My "GF Sweet Vanilla" Cupcake from Kara's


Thanks for letting me share my trip with you, and I hope to get a chance to get on again soon with some new recipes and fitness adventures! 

Happy Valentines Day!



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