Arte Pizzeria – Pizza Done Right!

As promised, I have to come back on here and tell you about my NEW FAVORITE PIZZA PLACE! I am so lucky to live in a town that has several restaurants with gluten free pizza options and to be sure, I have tried them all. But until I tried Arte’s Pizza – none made me want to die and go to pizza heaven. Arte’s Pizzeria is a tiny little shop in a strip mall in Loveland, CO. You have to be looking for it, and the sign in the front simply says “PIZZERIA”. Inside, there is a little room to sit and eat your pizza, and they also offer free delivery or carryout. My favorite part of the shop are all of the silly pizza signs. Like this one:


Now for the nitty gritty pizza details.  A lot of gluten free pizza crusts are like crispy crackers. Others just taste weird. Not Arte’s. The crust is thin, but is chewy and crispy in a perfect combination. They also offer Daiya cheese as a dairy/soy free alternative which is possibly the greatest thing ever. I make gluten free pizzas with Daiya cheese at home, but it’s just not the same is getting one effort-free in a carryout pizza box. Arte’s has a huge variety of sauces and toppings, all gluten free. I can not vouch for their cross-contamination prevention, as I have never asked. But I have never felt sick after eating there so I feel pretty confident about it.

 My two favorite pizzas so far are their pesto with sundried tomatoes, and a basic cheese with chicken and artichoke. Besides having great toppings, melty allergy-free cheese and perfect crust, their pizza is affordable! Most pizza places I have tried add a whopping $5-$10 per pizza just to make it gluten free. And even more for dairy free cheese! Arte’s is only a dollar or 2 extra, with no extra cost for the cheese. You can’t beat that!  You can check out Arte’s menu and get directions to their shop at their website

Arte Pizzeria, Artistry in Pizza

What is your favorite pizza topping combination? Where do you find your favorite gluten free pizza?


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