Cookie Dough Love

“Uh Oh…” Those were the first words out of my mouth as I licked a large chunk of Chocolate Chip Blondie Cookie dough off of my flour-y finger. When a gluten free dough tastes THAT good raw – there is no hope of seeing the steamy hot cookie-bars last any longer than one or two days. I was in heaven. This dough was unlike any I’ve had in years. Not grainy, no weird bean-flour taste, no funky after taste. Pure Perfection. The resulting bars did not disappoint.


As you know by now, baking is my passion. Baking is my pastime, it is my stress relief, it is a way of me sharing something with the ones Iove. And most of all, pulling a hot pan of yummy treats out of the oven just plain MAKES ME SMILE!!  I feel like I have gotten pretty good at looking at a recipe and judging if it will be any good. This recipe was no exception. In a new cookbook of mine (Thanks to my cookie loving husband!) nearly every recipe seems to pass the “Looks Good!” test. I have tried a few with much success, and the Chocolate Chunk Blondie recipe proves my point once again.  I’m in love with this cookbook. I highly recommend checking it out, it’s called “The Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook” by Cybele Pascal. The recipes are simple, there are beautiful pictures (we all know pictures make a recipe look 10x better) and so far, everything I’ve tried has turned out deliciously. All gluten free bakers know how valuable a good set of recipes is, so if you’re looking for some – please find this book!


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