1/2 Marathon Training Update

We are 5 weeks into our 10 week half-marathon training plan. Whoa – that’s halfway! (just realized that!). So far it’s been going really well. I based our plan off of the half marathon plan in the book “Running Made Easy” – and added in a mix of cross-training and interval/tempo runs. We run 4 days a week, with 1 long weekend run that my husband and I do together. Besides that, we run on our own, as our schedules rarely match up. We’ve been forced to the treadmills a few more times that I would have liked due to below zero temperatures and lots of snow, but all-in-all we have been pretty lucky when it comes to weather. I have been able to do several early morning runs outside and every single one of our weekend runs has greeted us with sunshine! Our longest run so far has been 8 miles, with a big 10-miler coming up this weekend. This kind of program is definitely more mileage than either of us has done before, so it’s taking a toll on our bodies – we are tired! It feels great though, to accomplish a new distance every week that we’ve never reached before, and it is so helpful having a running partner on those long runs. We’ve both had our good days and our bad, but it helps having the other one right there next to you pushing you along!


Because of having tired sore bodies more often, I have really been trying to increase how often I do yoga or pilates. I notice it really helps relax me, and helps my muscles recover for the next run. I love doing Body Flow at the gym, and when I can’t get to that I have been liking Self’s Ultimate De-Stress Yoga.  It is a little more fitness based and is more like a great 40 minute stretch session than a yoga practice. I highly recommend it.


Training nutrition has also been a hot-topic in our house lately, as we experiment with different foods pre-run and post-run. I have a very picky “Runner’s Stomach” that can’t handle much of anything prior to a run, so I have to really focus on getting some good food and lots of water the night before a run. We have really noticed a difference in how we feel on long runs depending on what we ate the day before. For example – Q’Doba and coffee at 8pm before a 7am run – not our finest moment. Any gluten free runners out there? What are your favorite pre-run meals? How about post-run? My favorite is protein pancakes with a fruit smoothie!

38 days to go…cheer us on!!


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