Gluten Free Product Review!! Simply Shari’s

I recently received a box of goodies from “Simply Shari’s” (formerly “Gluten Free and Fabulous”) to sample and review. I love it when I get surprises like that! There were bags of cookies, both fudge brownie bites and almond shortbread. She also sent a few of her pasta products, the Mac and Cheese and Quinoa & Marinara.

Here is the review I sent to Shari:

Shari – I wanted to thank you so much for sending me samples of your delicious products! I absolutely love the simple packaging that is so easy to use and store! The fudge brownies and almond shortbread cookies are a great way to satisfy a gluten free sweet tooth! Even my non-GF husband loved them! The Quinoa & Marinara was my favorite product of yours. So easy to make, and the noodles were some of the best I’ve had! I love that the meal is low-calorie and a great source of protein and fiber (good ol’ quinoa!). Thanks for making an easy meal for a busy gluten free lifestyle!

My only things I wanted to suggest you improve on are the fact the marinara mix powder had some big chunks and it took a while in the liquid for them to break apart. Also – the advice I give everyone…experiment with allergen-free recipes! I would love it if your cookies were egg and soy free, as I have food intolerances to both of those as well!

Thanks for a great product – I wish I could get my hands on it in CO! I also love your website – the teen blog is great!

If you want to check out Shari’s company – check out her website at  There is info on all of her GF products as well as 2 great blogs, one for adults and one for celiac teens! It’s so great to see another great company starting up to meet our g-free needs!


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