Guess What I Ate Tonight?!

NACHOS! Now, you may ask – “How can YOU eat nachos?! Cheese? Corn? All things you can’t have!!”  That’s what I have thought for the past 6 months – and a great crunchy snack has been something I truly have been missing.  That was all until this afternoon when I found my new favorite GF treat – Beanitos! I have to say I’m not a big fan of the name. I feel like it should be some kind of gas medication…but if you can get past the name this is a fabulous product for us corn-free foodies. These salty snackers are non-GMO, corn, gluten, potato and soy free, have 4 grams of complete protein and are high in fiber! I would still consider these a treat – but if I ate the whole bag I wouldn’t feel TOO GUILTY…

The Beanitos Website shows 4 different chips – but my local King Soopers only had 2 today. I bought the Black Bean Chips and the Pinto Bean and Flax chips. My favorite was the black bean, but they were both yummy. They are just airy enough to be light and crunchy and have that salty kick that you just don’t get on anything but chips. These will be a great alternative to tortilla chips since I have to avoid corn. After sampling the chips on their own, I couldn’t resist the urge to make a little batch of nachos. I used Daiya Cheese (Cheddar Style) and popped the pan in my toaster oven. A few minutes later I was dunking the delicious crispy, cheesy chips in my favorite salsa. What a treat!

I am so thankful for a company who thinks outside the box and not only can create a great tasting food – but one that has some nutritional qualities to it as well! I would recommend these chips to anyone – even if you can eat corn! Corn is consumed too much anyways, right? Check out their website to find out where to buy – and there is a dollar off coupon to get you started too!



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