1/2 Marathon – CHECK!!

We did it!

After a few months of training and eating right (most of the time) my husband and I both were FINISHERS in our first 1/2 Marathon – the Platte River Half! It was such a rewarding and exhausting experience. We ran about 8 1/2 miles of the race separately, with my husbands long legs taking him strides ahead of me, but slow and steady wins the race and I caught up to him, and ended up finished a whopping 1 SECOND ahead of him! Not that we were racing or anything… 🙂 I’m feeling the after-shock today, my knees feel like they were run over by a truck. Besides the knee pain, I’m actually feeling pretty good! Maybe it was the delicious post race GF meal (sweet potatoes and steak) at Outback Steakhouse, or the post race margarita (I was thinking about margaritas for approximately 4 miles of the race!). Either way, I’m feeling good and ready to take on the gym again!

I am so excited to complete one of my new year’s resolutions so early in the year, and I am eager to keep my running mileage up and work more on speed in the upcoming months. I’m also pretty stoked to get out on my new road bike, now that it might actually be springtime in CO.

I also want to give a plug for the Platte River Half Marathon – it was very well organized, very affordable and provided great support throughout the 13.1 miles. The Platte River Trail is a great place to run, and I highly recommend checking it out! Good job race organizers!

Here we are before the race!

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