FINAL TIP! Eating Healthy and Allergen Free Without Breaking the Bank: Tip #5

Hey everyone! I hope that some of my personal experiences with eating allergen free on a budget have given you some ideas on how to save a penny on your groceries too. We are down to my final tip which is…


Tip #5: Get Creative!

This is an easy one. At least once a week at my house, we have a “scrounge” meal. Rather than making a new recipe each night, pick a day to use up the leftovers. It makes the most sense to have this day towards the end of the week, or before your next shopping day. This can be a great chance to experiment in the kitchen, and use up all of the little odds and ends left in your fridge from the week. We always seem to have an extra zucchini or pepper, some onions and some sort of leftover rice, pasta or quinoa. And I HATE throwing away produce. Enter: Scrounge Meal!


The key to a delicious scrounge meal is to think outside the box and utilize spices. You may have some leftover pasta, but no other “Italian” ingredients. No worries! Last week I had brown rice spaghetti topped with some leftover ground turkey, some chopped peppers and a 1/4 avocado. I reheated it all together, added some Mexican spices (chili powder, cumin, cayenne of course…) and tossed some salsa on top. It turned into a delicious, southwestern pasta with a kick! Yum! I actually think that it tasted better than the original Italian pasta version we had the night before.


Just because it is a “leftover” or “scrounge” night doesn’t mean it has to be gross or flavorless. You never know, you may come up with a brand new recipe!


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