Why Do You Run?

Today is National Running Day! People all over the world will be running today, why not join them? There is some great info on www.runningday.org – including an article on 10 Ways to Celebrate National Run Day. My favorite way is number 1: Declare Your Passion. That is what I am going to do today…

10 Reasons Why I Run

1. To be with friends – sometimes I get so busy, the only time my friends get to see me is if they join me on a run!

2. To have something for myself

3. To always have something to work towards

4. To be fit

5. To be outside

6. To eat dessert

7. Who am I kidding…to drink margaritas

8. To see new places – running is my favorite form of tourism

9. To wear that finisher’s medal

10. To have a lifelong passion that I can do anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

Why do YOU run?

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