It’s Relay Time!

This morning I am busy baking up some travel/running friendly foods, doing laundry and digging up pink accessories for my first ever RELAY tomorrow!   Me and 4 of my friends will be headed from Fort Collins to Boulder tomorrow – clad in running shoes and pink shirts for the Front Range Relay. It’s only a 50 mile relay, so not quite as intense as some of those crazy long, overnight relays. I thought this would be a great first experience for a newbie!


I WILL admit, I’m a little nervous. I feel less prepared for this event than I have for any event, ever. I haven’t been running a whole lot due to a nagging hamstring injury, I don’t know the route, and I hadn’t thought about the food I would bring for an 8 hour event until last night. It is so unlike me not to feel prepared! I’m trying to relax, have fun and get through it. I don’t really see how a day in a pink-laden suburban full of sweaty girls CAN’T be fun! And, each of my legs is only 2 miles at a time. I figure I can always run “2 more miles”. That may become my mantra.


I am excited to report how it goes! Wish me luck!


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