Today was a test in gaining perspective. I woke up this morning – fired up to participate in my first relay ever…while the nearby canyons were also on fire- burning rapidly and spreading quickly throughout the nearby foothills. The race director made the call early this morning to cancel the relay, due to poor air quality. The sky is covered in a smoke cloud and it smells like we live in a campsite. Over 14,000 acres have burned – and the fire continues to spread.


While I am extremely disappointed to miss out on what would have been an amazingly fun race, my heart goes out to everyone whose houses are in danger and have been evacuated. And so sad to know that the beautiful backyard we have grown up with in Northern Colorado is being burned to the ground. Prayers go out to all of the families as well as all of the fire fighters working day and night to get these flames under control.


As for me, I tried to get some perspective this morning after initially being annoyed about the cancellation. It took some thinking about some dear friends that live in the canyon to realize that a race is a race. There will be others. There are homes and lives at stake while these fires burn…and I should count my blessings.  I had carbo-loaded yesterday (much more than necessary…but a 50 mile relay is a good excuse, right?) so I figured I better put that to good use. I spent the early morning hours in front of my tv doing 2 hours of Insanity workouts and power yoga and abs. It felt great to push myself, and also to feel like I gained an extra day! After burning a pile of calories, I spent it reading, catching up with friends and relaxing. Sometimes you just gotta adapt.


I hope to have another race on my calendar soon. Until then – let’s hope this fire diminishes quickly, our neighbors can return to their homes, and we can run outside safely again soon.


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