Do You Cross Fit?

Cross fit is everywhere.

As a fitness professional…I try to stay educated about as many different fitness trends as possible. That doesn’t make me an expert on them, by any means. If you are alive, and maybe online once in a while, you know that cross fit is all the craze right now. And for good reason…it’s a kick butt way to get fit! Recently, I’ve been trying to learn more about it.  I’ve never been to a “box” (I think this what they call their gyms?) but here is what I know about Cross Fit:


1. People like to post their WOD on Facebook

2. A WOD means “Workout of the Day”. Sometimes it is something insane, sometimes its really simple.

3. Watching the Cross Fit Games on ESPN always makes me want to do pull-ups. And then I try one…and I remember why I hate them.

4. Cross Fit workouts are usually a combination of Olympic lifts, body weight/gymnastics type stuff/ and plyos.

5. You get to wear knee high socks. If a workout involves knee high socks – I’m in.


That’s about the extent of my knowledge. I did my own mini-cross fit workout at home yesterday for the first time. I took it from a Self Magazine article. It was really fun to try something knew – and to get a great workout doing just a few exercises for lots of rounds! My hamstrings really felt it too…I guess the workout found some muscles I’ve been neglecting lately!


Want to try the workout? Here’s what I did. For instructions and pictures visit the workout on the Self website:


Warm up:

  • Walking lunges – arms straight over head  – 2×20
  • Inch worm walk – 2×5
  • Scorpian Kick – 2×10


#1: Deadlift (10 reps), Burpee (10 reps), Butterfly situps (15 reps) – as many times through as you can in 10 minutes.

#2:Squat (15 reps) + 1 minute wall running drill – 3 rounds as fast as you can

#3: Push-ups (cross fit goes down to your belly! – 5 reps) + Hollow body rock (by back couldn’t handle this – so I did tuck-ups – 10 reps) – as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes


Overall…had fun with this workout! I’m excited to keep incorporating cross-fit style workouts into my weekly routine.


Do you Cross Fit? Tell me your thoughts about it! Do you pick a workout by the clothes you get to wear?

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