Eeyore and Running Skirts

Today has been an “Eeyore Day”. You know the kind. The “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I’m gonna eat some worms” kind of day. From the get go I was tired, crabby and couldn’t seem to get anything right. I headed to the pool for a swim where I was greeted with extra cold water, a not warm enough hot tub and a sloppy, tired workout. Strike one. Coming home, I thought I might feel better if I got some cleaning done. After two rounds across my awful linoleum kitchen floor, the the floor was still dirty. And then my mop broke. Strike two. I had been considering going for a run, and at one point even said, “I’m sure it won’t go well. Nothing I do today is going to go well”. Wow. You bummed out yet? Seriously, luckily for the general public I’ve kept to myself today, because I haven’t exactly been radiating joy.



Well, I decided since the day couldn’t get much worse, even a bad run couldn’t really hurt. I thought maybe my pink running skirt would help. So I piled it on over my tights, with my cold gear, gloves and headband and headed out. Did I mention that it snowed last night? It’s 25ish degrees and the wind was blowing pretty much constantly. Why do I do this to myself?


But somehow, from my first steps…I felt a little bit lighter. I caught myself smiling. I was running head on into my worst enemy – the wind – and I didn’t care. I ran, and I smiled, and I ran a little faster. The wind blew my ponytail holder out of my hair. How does that even happen!? I almost fell on some black ice. There was snow blowing horizontally across my face. But somehow, I was happy!


Was it the fact that I was the only person outside on this cold winter day? Maybe. It kinda made me feel like a badass.


Was it that I was a badass wearing a pink running skirt? Very likely.


Was it that sometimes a run is all you need to snap you out of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day? I think so.


Thanks running, for making my day 🙂




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