A Saturday Night Cookie Dough Test

I love Saturdays…today started off with a beautiful trail run with a good friend. I just love those days when the sun is warm, the hills make you feel strong and when your run is over you don’t want to go inside. Who wouldn’t want to run here?


After a quick shower I went down to Denver to have lunch with my husband and his mom where I was surprised with a special treat! I had recently heard of “Eat Pastry” cookie dough and was ready to request some from my mother in law. You see, she shops at Cost Co (we don’t have one in Fort Collins) and I had heard that they sold it there! Turns out, she beat me to it! She said it was right next to the Nestle cookie dough in the freezer section. She was as excited about it as I was! Not JUST gluten free! Egg Free! Dairy Free! Totally Vegan! No GMOs! No Preservatives! Is this a dream?! I was so excited that I didn’t have to wait for her next shopping trip – I got to bring it home to try today!


Naturally, my first mode of testing involved a spoon. And that’s all. What’s a bucket of cookie dough if you can’t eat it by the spoonful? It didn’t disappoint. I could taste the bean flour slightly, as you usually can in un-baked goods that use it. It wouldn’t keep me from eating it by the spoonful in front of a E! Special. Or a Rom-Com. Or Biggest Loser. Tangent: what is it about the Biggest Loser that makes me always eat treats while I watch people suffer through hours upon hours of workouts?! Weird. Sorry about that…Back to the dough. 



First of all, check out the tub! 




Please note – not all of Eat Pastry’s cookie doughs are gluten free. They are ALL vegan, but some flavors are NOT gluten free. I checked their website and it looks like they have Chocolate Chip, Snicker Doodle and Sugar Cookie dough all available in GF versions. So be sure to double check before you buy! 



After establishing that the dough is suitable for spoon-licking, it wouldn’t be a Saturday night without a little baking fun. So I made a mini test batch. That’s one of the things I already love about the product – you don’t have to make a whole batch! I could make just one cookie if I wanted to. That will never happen. But itcould, and that’s pretty cool. 




After 10 minutes in the oven, my cookies were ready! No dirty bowls, a kitchen full of ingredients and a sink full of dishes! When they first came out of the oven they were really puffy.




After a few minutes of cooling, they spread out a little more. Note to self: these babies spread…give them some room! Note to self #2…your pans are VERY used!!! 




After letting them cool (ok, not completely, I’m impatient) I gave them a taste. They have a very sweet, buttery taste and are slightly chewy. I love chewy cookies! I poured myself a small glass of rice milk so I had the full milk-and-cookies experience, and dipped away. I was impressed! While these are free of nearly everything – they are not free of sugar which is very obvious in the flavor. Now, I’m all about making your treats actual treats, but honestly these were a little too sweet for my taste. Lately, I have been avoiding sugar almost completely, so even a little sweetener goes a long way for my taste buds. You might think they are totally perfect. I just personally don’t need things super sweet anymore. Besides being uber-sweet, I was otherwise really happy with the product! I love the convenience of pre-made dough. It may not beat my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, but it sure beats the prep time and mess! Prep-free products are still somewhat of luxury in the gluten free world so these are a fun treat for sure! 




I “like” Eat Pastry on Facebook and they always have interesting, yummy ways to use their dough. Recently they have shown adding it to your breakfast oatmeal, and chocolate cookie dough muffins. I will have to get creative and find some more ways to enjoy this delicious treat! 


Do you eat cookie dough by the spoonful?

What’s your favorite GF cookie? 

What is your favorite GF convenience food? 


Please Note: I was not compensated by Eat Pastry for this post. The product was purchased and these are my own, honest opinions about the product. 

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