Two Words

It’s amazing the impact two little words can have on your day. Two words that make you stop, think, and change the way you have been looking at almost everything.

“Enjoy This”

These two words were spoken by my yoga instructor today in the middle of some totally awesome hip stretches.

“Enjoy this”…something you wouldn’t necessarily be surprised to hear in a yoga class, and often you would just pass by it as another instructor cue. But today, for me, it really got me thinking. I truly WAS enjoying my yoga practice. I was in the moment and not thinking about what else was going on around me. I can’t tell you the last time I felt that way – I’m always running in a million directions.

Later, as those two words kept lingering in my mind, I started thinking about how often do we actually enjoy “this”. The right here, the right now.

Maybe you are in the middle of marathon training and each run is just one more to cross off the list, to complete, to get closer to your goal.  Maybe your last trip to the gym you were on auto-pilot, not even really thinking about what your body was doing but instead, thinking about the groceries you needed to pick up on the way home. Maybe you have a little one and you are tired, and can only think about how great it will be when mini-me sleeps through the night. Maybe you can’t wait to move to a bigger house, have a better job or go on better vacations.

We are planners, we are goal setters, we are to-do-listers and all of this is good. But if we can’t sit back and “enjoy this”? Then what is it all about? Have we forgotten that we are super blessed to be doing what we are doing right NOW?

“Enjoy This”

Enjoy the way your legs feel tired after a hard run.

Enjoy the two minutes you have with your coffee in the morning.

Enjoy the company you surround yourself with.

Be here.


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