Saturday Morning Coffee Date

I don’t have a date for my Saturday morning coffee today – so I thought I would share it with YOU!!

My first Hemp Latte

If we were on a coffee date today I’d probably share a slice (by sharing a slice, I mean, you get one, I get one…you can’t eat half a slice) of my newest baking experiment: GF Banana Bread. Coffee goes best with quick breads, don’t you think? {Update: Here’s the recipe!}


If we were on a coffee date today I would make you sit outside with me, and I would rave about this amazing Colorado sunshine. Snowy cold spells sure make a girl appreciate a beautiful sunny day.

photo 3 (2)

If we were on a coffee date today I would brag to you about this girl:


I am so blessed to have a friend who gets just as excited as I do about personal sized spaghetti squashes. Who can spend an evening with me doing practically nothing and have a blast doing it. Who will take turns with me licking the brownie batter out of the bowl. Last night we experimented with my Eat Pastry cookie dough and make cookie dough filled brownie bites! They pretty much rocked. But they were ugly. So we didn’t take a picture. We did take a picture of our pre-brownie healthy dinner: spaghetti quash with roasted broccoli and elk marinara. What is life without best friends?


If we were on a coffee date today I would tell you how excited I am to go to our athletic department’s big annual fundraiser auction tonight. It’s always a “Ram Good Time” and I’m excited to dress up and have a night out with my hubby! My ankles and calves might not cooperate with my new super cute shoes…trail running in minimalist shoes doesn’t bode well for wearing heels.


You might never want to have a coffee date with me. You would probably be inundated with random ramblings like you so graciously just read all the way through.

Happy Weekend Everyone…go enjoy the outdoors!


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