Giddy. That’s the best word I can think of to describe me today.

It’s been a long winter it feels. Two days ago, I was driving 45 mph down the interstate in freezing, blowing snow. I’ve been on my fair share of sub 20 degree runs, and lately the wind has been steering me away from running outside period. But today is different.


Yep – it’s 60 and sunny and I’m one giddy girl. I could barely wait for my breakfast to settle before heading out for a run. I decided to make it a combo run – some speed, some hills, some strength. Because really, I didn’t care how long it took…I just wanted to be outside. I started out with a speedy 1 mile run to the park. After mile 1, I did a strength set. I then found a short, steep hill (for my local friends – the hill in the middle of Fossil Creek Park) and did my next mile on that. It took me about 8 trips up and down to complete a mile.

Hill Running Tips

  • Chin up! Keep looking towards your destination, not down at your feet.
  • Shorten your stride. Keep your feet moving quickly, but shorten up your stride to conserve energy while climbing.
  • Lead with your belly button

Halfway through my hill repeats, I took a breather at the top of the hill. I let the sun drench my winter-pale face and enjoyed the beautiful mountain views we are so lucky to have here in CO. I really couldn’t be happier – even after running hill sprints!

After the mile of hills – I repeated my strength set, and then ran the mile home and finished with a final set of strength.  Overall, the workout was about 3.5 miles. I pushed myself harder than I would during a normal short run, and I still feel giddy! I sure hope this is a sign of the weather to come…I’m ready for some summer!


If you do this workout – be sure to get a good warm-up beforehand and rehydrate, refuel and stretch those muscles when you are done!


Is it sunny where you live today?

What’s your favorite – “Spring is here” workout?

Disclaimer: Although I am an AFAA certified Personal Fitness Trainer, you should consult a physician before starting any exercise program or diet. If you choose to do any workouts on this website, you do so at your own risk. 


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