Running Heals

I won’t go into the details of my past week, but it has been filled with grief, tears, family and love. I have been reminded of the frailty of life – how quickly it can be taken away. I also wrapped up my last week in Fort Collins, closing the doors on two of the best jobs I have ever had. I realized the value of having people you care about. As hard as it is to say goodbye, I am so thankful that I have people that make me sad to leave. People who have impacted my life, and people I hope I have impacted as well. I have been blessed with amazing people in my life:  family and friends, near and far, and I am so thankful for love I can share with all of them.

I found some peace in running this week. It’s amazing how a run can help you right where you are. On a day when the tears wouldn’t stop,  I hard and fast, until the tears couldn’t come any more. On a day where I was overwhelmed by it all – I had a perfect 30 minutes of zoning out on the treadmill – a half hour of forgetting. And finally, while in Montana mourning a loss with my family, my dad and I escaped to run in the cold, harsh wind. It was frustrating,  it hurt, but getting through it was just like what I was pushing through emotionally.

Running heals.

In the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy, yet again pain is paired with running. My heart goes out to the runners, spectators and witnesses to the awful explosions. One of the greatest athletic events in our country has been tarnished with terrorism. I believe that our nation and our running community will become stronger in response to this event. Running is a bond that brings the whole world together and senseless acts like this will only bring us closer.


When you run this week, do it for a reason.

Do it for healing, do it for strength, do it for someone who can’t.



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