Smoothie Prep for On-the-Go Goodness

As most of you know by now, I love spending time in the kitchen. It was the first room we got set up in our new house, and I have already broken it in with lots of cooking and baking. I love the feeling of putting lots of different healthy foods together to make a yummy, nourishing meal.


Unfortunately, we don’t always have a lot time to slice, dice and mix before every meal. So…when I have some time to devote to the kitchen, I like to prepare several servings of something healthy to throw in the freezer for an easy meal. Some of my favorite things to make ahead are breakfast burritos, veggie packed soups, and smoothies. These are all also  great ways to use up produce that’s almost past it’s prime…you wouldn’t want it to go to waste!


Today I noticed that my spinach was headed in a wilty direction so I decided it was SMOOTHIE DAY!

Super easy…here’s how:

1. Pull out some ziploc bags – preferably freezer bags (sandwich or quart size unless you are making gigantic family packs)

2. Place a handful of spinach in each bag.

3. Put about 1 cup of frozen fruit in each bag. I use whatever I have on hand. Today I made several combinations using strawberries, blueberries and mangoes.

4. Add some flaxseed or chia seeds (about 1tbsp)

5. Add any other fruits or veggies you want!

6. Seal and label. I made some single serving bags and some doubles for when me and my hubby eat breakfast together!

7. Store in the freezer.

When you are ready for a smoothie, nuke the contents of the bag for 30-60 seconds – then add liquid and protein powder if you want it. I like to use a mixture of milk (rice) and juice for most of my smoothies. You can always just add water, or whatever you like!


Blend and Drink!




In less than 10 minutes, I had 10 servings of smoothies ready to go in my freezer. You can’t beat that! My husband loves when I do this, it makes it a lot easier for him to choose a smoothie on mornings when he hits snooze a couple-too-many times.


What about you?

Do you prep meals ahead of time?

What’s your favorite smoothie?

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